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Lilian Knowles House, 50 Crispin St, London, E1 6HQ

Lilian Knowles House is available exclusively to postgraduates at The London School of Economics. This accommodation offers a fantastic central location just five minutes' walk from zone 1 Liverpool Street Station, and within walking distance of the famous and newly renovated Spitalfields Market.

All inclusive bills
Common room
Free broadband
On-site laundry
Free contents insurance
On-site security and CCTV
En-suite bedrooms
Self-contained studio apartments

Pricing & Room Information

Room Type Room Size Tenancy Length From Weekly Rent
Standard En-Suite - size 1 8 - 10.9 sq m 50 weeks 17/09/2017 £171.81
Standard En-Suite - size 2 11 - 14 sq m 50 weeks 17/09/2017 £186.61
Studio - size 1 13 - 13.7 sq m 50 weeks 17/09/2017 £186.61
Studio - size 2 13.8 - 14.2 sq m 50 weeks 17/09/2017 £201.18
Studio - size 3 14.3 - 15.3 sq m 50 weeks 17/09/2017 £208.58
Studio - size 4 15.4 - 15.8 sq m 50 weeks 17/09/2017 £221.46
Studio - size 5 15.9 - 16.5 sq m 50 weeks 17/09/2017 £224.12
Studio - size 6 16.6 - 18.4 sq m 50 weeks 17/09/2017 £230.63
Studio - size 7 18.5 - 22 sq m 50 weeks 17/09/2017 £237.88
Standard En-suite - size 1 (Lower ground) 8 - 10.9 sq m 50 weeks 17/09/2017 £152.72
Standard En-suite - size 2 (Lower ground) 11 - 14 sq m 50 weeks 17/09/2017 £166.04
One bedroom flat 21 - 26.9 sq m 50 weeks 17/09/2017 £259.93

We also have 84 rooms in Block A that are only available for 38 week contracts from 17/09/2017 to 09/06/18. For more information, please call us on 0300 123 5050 or email LilianKnowles.House@sanctuary-students.com

You can pay your rent in 1 or 3 instalments.

1 instalment 3 instalments
27/08/2017 27/08/2017

Lower ground rooms are situated below street level and have a restricted view. This is reflected in the prices being charged for those rooms.

All students staying at Lilian Knowles House are required to pay an LSE Social Fund fee of £30.00. This is a non-refundable fee and is listed on your account separately to your rent instalment. Please access your account from 17 September to make the online payment of £30.00.


All students are required to pay a booking fee to accept a place in our accommodation. The booking fee includes a £75.00 administration fee and a £325.00 advanced rent prepayment. The advanced rent prepayment is refundable if you cancel your acceptance of our offer within the cancellation period. Once you have moved in, the advanced rent prepayment is credited towards the first instalment of your accommodation fee.


In addition to the booking fee, you must pay the first instalment of your accommodation fee in September.

Once your offer has been accepted, you can pay your accommodation fees at any time by logging into your account on our website. The accommodation fees are split into one or three equal instalments from the start of the academic year. If you move in later in the year the number of instalments will be reduced.

Subsequent accommodation fee instalments are normally due around the start of the academic terms.

All students staying at Lilian Knowles House are required to pay an LSE Social Fund fee of £30.00. The Social Fund Fee is used by the Social Committee to fund activities and events across the site.

The fee must be paid on the date of your first rent instalment. You can pay the fee online under the My Transaction section of the booking system, in person at reception or by calling us on 0300 123 5050.


Standard En-suite

This room type has a single bed and private bathroom.


Studio flats are self-contained offering extra privacy with your own study space, en-suite bathroom and kitchen/lounge area.

One bedroom flat

A spacious flat with an open plan kitchen and living area, separate double bedroom and bathroom with a shower. For individuals looking for a larger living space.

All inclusive bills

Your weekly rent is all inclusive meaning you won't have to pay any extra bills.

Common room

Lets play! Games machines and table sports are available in the common room.

Free 10MB broadband

Super-speedy broadband in your bedroom means you're always connected.

On-site laundry

An on-site laundry provided by Circuit Laundry.

Bike storage

On-site storage to keep your bike dry and safely locked.

Free contents insurance

You’re protected by contents insurance from Cover4Students which covers your possessions for free.

On-site security and CCTV

You’re safe and sound with our 24 hour CCTV.


Your very own private bathroom so you can sing in the shower as much as like!


Property Overview

Lilian Knowles House is in a great location within easy reach of London's busy city centre and the vibrant East End. There is a wide variety of accommodation available, including one bedroom flats and studio apartments. There are also en-suite bedrooms in flats for four to eight people, with a shared kitchen and dining area. The kitchen and communal corridor is cleaned on a weekly basis. You will be able to select your preference from rooms available when booking. Discounts are also available for some lower ground-floor rooms.

For your safety and security Lilian Knowles House has secure electronic entry, 24 hour staff cover and CCTV. We offer all inclusive bills as well as free contents insurance, making your budget go further in the capital.

Lilian Knowles House also has a guest room available for overnight stays, which is perfect if you've got family or friends visiting.

This city centre accommodation has a garden courtyard which provides a relaxing green space in the summer. Other great features include a common room with TV and free Wi-Fi, a computer room, vending machines, on-site laundry and bike storage. Lilian Knowles House provides a perfect base for students that want the excitement of city centre living and peace of mind, knowing that their accommodation has everything covered.

Local construction works

Lilian Knowles House is located in Spitalfields, an area steeped in traditional London heritage and home to historic buildings.

Due for completion in 2018, the London Fruit and Wool Exchange building on Crispin Street and Brushfield Street will be renovated to provide retail, restaurant, café, office and community spaces.

The construction works began in May 2015 and could cause some disruption between 8am and 6pm for students staying in Lilian Knowles House.

We will work closely with the construction firms to ensure that noise levels and disturbances are kept to a minimum.

Further details about the project can be found at www.lfwe.com

Please contact Lilian Knowles House if you have any further queries.

Floor Plan

example floorplan at Lilian Knowles House, London

This is a typical layout and actual apartments within this site may vary.

Standard En-suite

This room type has a single bed and private bathroom.


Studio flats are self-contained offering extra privacy with your own study space, en-suite bathroom and kitchen/lounge area.

One bedroom flat

A spacious flat with an open plan kitchen and living area, separate double bedroom and bathroom with a shower. For individuals looking for a larger living space.

Arrange a viewing




Lilian Knowles House is in a great city centre location just 5 minutes' walk from zone 1 Liverpool Street Station, with underground and National Rail services. It's also within walking distance of the famous and newly renovated Spitalfields Market, where you can find a great range of vintage-style clothing as well as a large number of stylish shops and restaurants.

The iconic London Bridge is just a 20 minute walk away, as is Canary Wharf and Bank Underground Station. Other local points of interest include the Bishopsgate Institute just three minutes away and the Bank of England museum, 15 minutes away.

LSE is just 20 minutes away by public transport, making Lilian Knowles House the ideal location for studying and enjoying all that the city has to offer.

Nearby to Lilian Knowles House student accommodation.

Additional Information

Sanctuary Students own and manage Lillian Knowles for London School of Economics (LSE) students.

Applications for accommodation are received and processed by the London School of Economics Residential Services Office. To apply for a place in one of our residences you need to complete LSE online application or contact the LSE Residential Services office at:

Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 7531

Email: accommodation@lse.ac.uk 

The University decides who is eligible for an offer of accommodation at one of our residences. We receive their first nominations in March and send offers at that time. You will then need to accept the offer.

Broadband services are provided by Keycom - one of the UK's leading providers of Internet services for student accommodation.

The Keycom services that are included within your rental price include:

  • KeySurf - Broadband at speeds up to 12Mb symmetric. You will also have the option to upgrade to a 20Mb or 50Mb service.
  • KeyView - IPTV, delivering a range of TV channels direct to your PC or laptop.

You can collect your keys from the day your contract starts. On arrival you will be directed to the residence office front desk for check in. You will be required to have a photo taken for your ID/entry card.

For check in you will need to bring ID and a copy of your offer letter/email or payment receipt.  


An area to park and unload your belongings will be available. Because of limited parking space  you will be asked to move any vehicle as soon as you have unloaded.

The following is for guidance only, please read your Licence/Tenancy Agreement for your full contractual obligations.

Up to and including 45 days before the start of your tenancy

You can cancel at any time during this period, but will we deduct a reasonable amount from your £75.00 administration charge. If you cancel with 45 days, you will receive a full refund of your £325.00 advanced rent prepayment.

During the last 45 days before the start of your tenancy – you will only be able to cancel this agreement if a suitable and eligible replacement tenant is found and you have informed our Accommodation Office by calling 0300 123 5050 or emailing london.students@sanctuary-students.com.

All replacements must be approved by your university and agreed with us.

Students applying to live at Lilian Knowles House must contact their university to find a suitable replacement. 

Students can find a suitable replacement themselves or we or your university can find a replacement on your behalf. However we will only accept the replacement once all our other rooms are full.

Note: If no replacement tenant is found, you will be responsible for payment of the rent in full, even if you do not move in to the property.

Cancellation / Refunds

If you wish to cancel this agreement, you should let us know as soon as possible by emailing london.students@sanctuary-students.com. Refunds are normally processed within 14 working days.

Please see your License Agreement (PDF 484KB) for more details on refunds and how to end your license once you have moved in.

Useful links

Find your nearest National Health Service (NHS) Doctor or Dentist on the NHS Services website

If you need free legal advice, please contact the Citizens Advice Bureau

Plan a journey on the London Underground with Transport for London

Find out about London and best places to visit

Applying for your student visa.

UK Border Agency

UKCISA - UK Council for International Student Affairs

Guide to Culture Shock

National Union of Students (NUS)


Your handbook contains all the essential information you'll need to know when you move in with us.

Lilian Knowles House Residents' Guide (PDF 1.09MB)

Licence Agreement

The Licence to Occupy (PDF 484KB) is available to download with details of the terms and conditions of your contract with us.

Get in touch

To find out more about the accommodation at Lilian Knowles House call 0207 492 4960 or email us LilianKnowles.House@sanctuary-students.com

TV licence

If you are bringing a TV to watch live TV, or if you receive or record live TV programmes on any other device, such as a laptop, you will need a TV Licence. You won’t be covered by your parents’ licence. Our TV licences only cover the TVs that we provide, for example in common rooms and lounge areas.

From September 2016, you’ll need a TV licence to watch the BBC iPlayer.

For more information and to buy your licence, visit the TV Licensing website. There are a variety of payment plans available.

The TV licensing authorities recognise that most students do not need the final three months of a TV licence as you leave the accommodation during the summer. You may be able to receive a refund for this period, provided that you don’t need your licence again before it expires.

If you do not have a TV Licence but you receive or record live TV you could face prosecution from the TV Licensing Authority.


At Sanctuary Students we offer specialist insurance cover for all of our students through Cover4Students.com.

All of our accommodation is covered as Basic Cover.

Basic Cover Explained

Your possessions, desktop and laptop computer equipment are insured for theft, fire, flood, burst pipes, storm, vandalism, explosion and lightning. Cover applies within your accommodation, in any temporary residence and in transit at the beginning and end of each term.

This summary does not describe all the terms and conditions of the policy and does not form the contract between you and the insurance provider, so please take the time to read the policy wording on the Cover4Students website to make sure you understand the cover it provides. You can also read the full Sanctuary Students Insurance Policy (PDF 783KB).


If you wish to bring a car to London you will need to apply for a residents' parking permit through Tower Hamlets Borough Council and park on the streets surrounding Lilian Knowles House.