Before you apply

We’re home to students of all ages at various stages of their studies.

Most of our properties have a mix of students from all year groups but some of our accommodation is specifically for under or post graduates which is specified on the accommodation property page.

You sure can!

It might not be possible to show you your specific room but we will show you a similar one.

Complete our online form to arrange a viewing.

If you’re passing by one of our student halls on a week day between 9am and 5pm (8am - 8pm in London), just pop-in and a member of our team will happily show you around.

We’ll try and allocate you with like-minded people but we can’t guarantee that we’ll always be able to share with someone specific. Let us know during your application or by getting in touch with us to let us know who you’d like to live with.

You certainly can and we’ll do our best to make sure you get a flat together!

All we need you to do it to tell us the name and contact details of the people you want to live with on your online application, and they will need to put your name and contact details on their application. We’ll then link the applications and Voilà  – you’re offered a flat together (subject to availability of course).  

If you’re applying to live with us through your university each person will need to contact our team stating their names and the name/names of those they wish to share with.

If you would prefer to live with students of the same gender, we will do our best to help but we are unable to guarantee it except in our under-18s accommodation.

If you let us know that is what you want, we will do our best to help. Under-18 accommodation is single sex only.

Each of our rooms is as unique as you are so it’s difficult to give an exact measurement for every room. Our teams can provide you with an approximate size and our floor plans on the property pages show you the room  layouts.

It’s something really special that shows you that our student halls are meeting a nationally recognised standard.

Read about the ANUK National code of standards.

Arrival preparation

  • Bedding, including covers
  • Clothes, shoes and towels
  • A few home comforts such as photographs and
  • Laptop and studying essentials

Find our moving in check list on the Before you move in.

Each of our kitchens has a cooker, fridge/freezer, microwave, mop and bucket, dust pan and brush, bin and vacuum (on some sites you will have to collect the vacuum from reception). Some kitchens also have a kettle and an ironing board (iron not included).

The kitchen sink. Anything that’s a fire hazard; don’t put yourself or your flat mates in danger. Large items of furniture or equipment will have to stay at home too.

We’re really sorry, but no pets allowed except for unicorns.

Your rent covers your speedy WiFi, handy contents insurance and utilities like water, heating and electricity.

Don’t panic! Get in touch with us as soon as possible.

They’re someone who promises to pay the rent if you don’t make your payments.

To be a Guarantor, you must be over 18, a UK resident (with an address in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland) and have a regular income, assets or savings, which are sufficient to meet your potential liabilities. 

Once you have moved in

Post will be delivered straight to your flat or your mailbox in reception.

Some of our properties will accept parcels at reception which can be collected during office hours.

We certainly do! Check out CircuitLaundry to see what machines are available.

Laundries are available on each site, except for Grange Court/The Ridings where a washing machine and tumble dryer is provided in each flat and Upper Hope Place where we don’t have any laundry facilities.

We all are! We look after the communal areas and you look after your flat and bedroom.

Make yourself at home! Use your pin board for putting up posters and photos.

Only if you bring a TV with you or you want to watch live TV or the BBC iPlayer on your device or computer.

We’ve got the TVs we provide covered.

Yes indeed! We know you couldn’t live without it, and neither can we, so Wi-Fi is available throughout your home.

Your room is yours during the Christmas and Easter holidays and you may be able to stay over the summer too. Get in touch with us to extend your stay.

If there’s a spare room, we’ll try and move you. You'll have to pay an admin fee.

We’d hate for you to leave us but you can cancel your room if you're within the time specified within your contract. Check out the cancellation information on the accommodation pages.

Our student properties include specially designed flats to make student life as comfortable and convenient as possible. If you have any disabilities or specific needs please get in touch with your local accommodation team to discuss the facilities available.

Moving out

Time flies when you’re having fun and you’ll soon find it’s time to move out so we can welcome our next cohort of brilliant students.

But don’t worry; if you love living with us that much, look out for notices around your site which will tell you when you can rebook with us to get your choice of rooms for next year.

Get in touch with us to ask us to change rooms and if we have another room free, you’re welcome to swap (but you will have to pay an admin charge).

We’ll be really sad to see you leave but we know that things change and you may have to move out before the end of your contract.

You’ll be responsible for paying the rent until a replacement student takes over your contract and you’ll have to pay an admin charge to cancel your agreement with us.

You’ll need to leave your room clean and tidy so we can get it ready quickly for its new owner.

You’ll be given a Check Out pack in the weeks leading up to the end of your contract which will give you full details on how to leave your room and how to return your keys.

We’ll check your room once you’ve gone (sad face) to check that you’ve not forgotten anything and to see if there are any damages. We’ll be in touch to let you know what repairs have been carried out and the charges that you’ll have to pay.

Make sure you take all of your stuff with you but if we’re lucky enough to have you staying with us next year, you may be able to rent your room over the summer and keep your belongings on-site. Contact your on site team for more information.

Parking arrangements will be similar to moving in days. There will be limited parking available and you may be asked to leave once you have moved your belongings out.