Looking after your home

We love our properties and we’re really proud of the place you’ll soon call home. There are a few things to think about in terms of looking after your new home, which will make sure your flat remains a tidy, clean and happy space to live.

Looking after your home

Things to remember

Do i need to keep my flat clean?

We take care of cleaning the common rooms and stairwells at our student properties, but you’re responsible for cleaning your own bedroom and flat, unless specified in your welcome pack.

You’ll be expected to keep your kitchen and lounge areas clean and tidy. This is where a cleaning rota may help to fairly divide the cleaning chores with your flatmates. Have this conversation in your first few weeks, so good habits are established from the beginning.

Water hygiene is also really important in your student room – and often overlooked. Find out how to prevent Legionella in our Legionella leaflet.

Will my flat get inspected?

Yes, we like to check the kitchen and communal areas within your flat once a term. We’ll let you know when we’re planning to come and inspect.

If your flat is found unclean or untidy, we’ll let you know what isn’t quite right by email or by leaving an inspection report for you. We’ll give you a few days to clean up but if the issues aren’t fixed, we’ll send in our own team of cleaners, which you’ll be charged for.

Keeping on top of the state of your flat means that we’ll see any issues early on, and help you avoid any surprise bills and charges at the end of your contract.

Respect the rules

We want your Sanctuary Students home to be a happy place, and we want our staff to enjoy coming to work.

As well as being respectful to your fellow students, please show the same respect to the members of our team. We won’t tolerate physical or verbal abuse towards our staff, and any unacceptable behaviour may result in us ending your contract early.

Be considerate to your flatmates and neighbours. Yes, you’re here to study and have a good time, but please bear in mind that not all of your flatmates will have the same tastes or interests as you. Keep noise to a decent level and keep communal areas clean and tidy. You’ll find your Resident Guide jam-packed with useful tips on communal living and all the important information you need to know about the property.

What if something
gets damaged?

We’ll fix or replace it! All you need to do is let us know what the issue is and we’ll send a member of our team or a trusted contractor to fix it.

Need more info?

Our goal is to equip you with all the necessary information & resources to make this process as smooth as possible. So, don't hesitate – explore our website today and find your dream student accommodation!