Money matters

At Sanctuary Students, we're here to support you in all money matters.

Our transparent rent prices mean that there are no hidden charges or unexpected surprises. Your rent includes internet, utilities, security and repairs, so the price you see is the price you pay!

It’s really important to pay your rent and other charges on time.

Money matters

Instalment dates

Please check your contract for details of instalment dates or contact your local site team.

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your payments

When booking your room, we’d advise choosing three payment instalments, as these dates should coincide with your payments from the student loan company.

Unless you’d like to pay your rent in full before you arrive, you’ll need to set up a Recurring Card Payment (RCP). These work like any payment you would make in a shop using a debit card, but unlike a Direct Debit, you won’t be charged by your bank if the payment fails. However, we may charge you for failed or late payments. You can change the card details for your RCP at any time by getting in touch with us.

Our payment providers are introducing Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), which aims to improve the level of internet security. The change requires service providers, like ourselves, to ensure enhanced two-factor authentication is available and activated on our online payment platforms.

You’ll need a guarantor if you would like to pay by instalments. A guarantor is someone who’s legally obliged to pay the rent if you can’t. This person must be over 18, a UK resident (with an address in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland), and have a regular income, assets or savings which are sufficient to meet your potential liabilities.

International students who don’t have a UK guarantor will need to pay the full year’s rent by card, bank transfer or Western Union before you move in.

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What if I'm struggling with payments?
What if I'm struggling with payments?

If you’re struggling to make payments, it’s important to talk to someone immediately. Don’t ignore the problem, as that will likely make it worse.

Come and talk to us as soon as you know there’s an issue. We’ll know some way to help you with all money matters, like referring you to Health Assured for free debt advice.

In exceptional circumstances, we may allow you to delay payment or make a part payment. Submit your request to our team and we’ll let you know once the request is confirmed.

What happens if I fall behind with my rent?
What happens if I fall behind with my rent?

Come and speak to us and we’ll work around your income. It may be possible to arrange a payment plan for you.

Your guarantor will be contacted if you don’t get in touch with us or you don’t keep up with your rent payments.

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