How can we help
your organisation

We work with you to build, refurbish and manage properties that offer your residents high quality, convenient and secure homes for rent.

You benefit from our innovative, cost-effective solutions while your residents benefit from affordable living near to their place of study.

More than 10,000 students currently live in our accommodation and we continually work with existing and new partners to meet housing needs.

How can we help your organisation

The services
we offer

From the management of day-to-day requirements to the planned refurbishment of your residential stock, Sanctuary Students can help you in all areas of property management.

Our extensive experience enables us to support our clients to provide well-built and managed accommodation which meet the housing needs of both you and your residents.

The services we offer


We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. The way in which we operate our business impacts on the world around us. We believe it’s important to play our part in creating thriving, sustainable communities that people want to live in, both now and in the future.

In real terms this means building more energy-efficient homes as well as improving the condition of existing properties and the areas around the homes.

Your residents will really see the benefits of living in the homes we build or improve with green technologies. From the reduced energy bills that solar panels provide and the convenience of outside spaces that don’t flood, to the number of cycle-ways and footpaths incorporated on the site, residents will enjoy living in your homes.

You will see the benefits too. Homes that people want to live in with minimal maintenance issues.

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