The 10 Top Universities in the UK for Psychology

12th November 2021
A graphic depicting psychology

Psychology is a subject that is taking on more and more importance in the modern world. An increased awareness of mental health, trauma, stress and wellness means society is more conscious of our psychological needs than ever before.

That requires trained professionals to service those needs.

If you’re interested in how the mind works or why people do the things they do, psychology is an interesting subject that is constantly changing. A psychology degree is the perfect foundation for that.

What is the best uni for psychology? What are the top universities for psychology?

The study of psychology

Psychology is a multifaceted subject that intersects with so many areas of life. Psychology degree courses are overseen and accredited by the British Psychological Society and provide the grounding required to practise or use it in a future career.

Psychology degrees can include applied psychology, child psychology, clinical psychology, experimental psychology, forensic psychology and a number of other areas.

The vast majority of psychology graduates will go on to use their degree in a future career.

What careers use a psychology degree?

Because psychology is about behaviour, it can be relevant in any number of careers.

Psychologists of course, but also criminologists, law enforcement, forensics, anthropologists, social care, education, architecture, human resources, creative writing, journalism, marketing, law, politics and many other careers would make use of a psychology degree.

The best psychology universities in the UK

Here are what we consider the best psychology universities in the UK.

1. Cambridge University

It’s no real surprise that Cambridge University places highly as a best uni for psychology. The overall standard of education is exceptionally high, the colleges are all nice places to be and the overall student experience is top class.

Cambridge University offers a single psychology degree, BA (hons) psychological and behavioural sciences.

Cambridge is a relaxed city with a nice vibe. People work and study hard but also know how to relax. It’s an easy city to travel around and has the pubs, bars, cafes and amenities to support students, which makes it a great place to study.

2. King's College London

King's College London is another of the best psychology universities in the UK. It’s also highly regarded for a number of subjects but doesn’t always appear in the top 10 lists.

King's College London offers six psychology degree courses that include pure psychology, neuroscience, biology and complementing subjects.

King's College London is located in the centre of London by the Royal Courts of Justice and Covent Garden. London should need no introduction. It’s a big, bustling city with lots going on and plenty to see and do.

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3. St Andrews University

St Andrews University is a regular at the top of the university league tables. It’s one of the best universities in Scotland and the UK and offers exceptional opportunities for learning.

St Andrews University has 29 psychology degree courses including pure psychology, English, international relations, management, philosophy, biology, history, languages, and economics, to name just a few.

St Andrews is a lovely part of Scotland on the east coast between Edinburgh and Dundee. It’s a nice town, not too big, not too small and has a large student population. It doesn’t have the same level of amenities of a big city university but that can work to your benefit!

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4. Bath University

Bath University is another top university in the UK for psychology. It’s a very accomplished institution within a lovely city famous for its architecture as well as its teaching.

Bath University offers four psychology degree courses, including BSc (hons) psychology and MSci and BA degree courses.

Bath is a lovely city known as a spa city. It has a history going back to Roman times and has a lovely relaxed vibe. The town centre is busy and has lots to do, with lots of fellow students to hang out with. It’s also well connected to transport if you like to explore.

5. Oxford University

Oxford University usually appears high in the psychology league tables as well as the general tables. It’s a superb university that delivers high-quality teaching. It’s difficult to get into, but once you’re in, you have a whole new world to enjoy.

Oxford University offers four psychology degree courses. They are all BA courses with psychology at their core, experimental psychology, linguistics and philosophy.

Oxford is a short distance northwest of London and is a nice city to study. The entire centre is built around the university and the students, which works out well for you. There is plenty to see and do, stores, restaurants, bars, cafes and everything you could need.

6. UCL

UCL, University College London, is another regular in league tables thanks to a wide range of subjects and high student satisfaction scores. It’s also in a great part of London, which just adds to the appeal.

University College London offers seven psychology degree courses, including BSc (hons) psychology as well as related science, education and language courses.

UCL is in Bloomsbury in London. It’s a fantastic area close to the Royal College of Physicians, University of London, The British Museum and other landmarks. It’s also full of cafes, bistros, bars, nightlife and entertainment options too!

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7. University of Cumbria

The University of Cumbria is a newcomer to our top 10 lists. It doesn’t usually place so highly, but it aces the psychology league tables thanks to great teaching and solid courses.

The University of Cumbria offers six psychology degree courses, including BSc (hons) psychology as well as applied psychology and criminology.

The University of Cumbria is in Carlisle but also has campuses in London, Ambleside and Lancaster. You’ll probably study in Carlisle, which is a northern city with genuine character, great shopping and lots of outside space to enjoy. It’s a great place to be a student!

8. University of Chichester

The University of Chichester is another stranger to our top 10 lists. It’s a great university that typically ranks within the top 30 universities in the UK but excels in psychology.

The University of Chichester offers five psychology degree courses, including BSc (hons) psychology, criminology, forensics, counselling and educational psychology.

Chichester is a city close to the south coast of England, a short distance east of Portsmouth. It’s a modest-sized town with a lot of history and character. There is plenty to see and do there, with good transport links to the coast and north to London.

9. Cardiff University

Cardiff University is one of the best psychology universities in the UK according to student feedback and league tables. That’s great news for one of Wales’s largest universities!

Cardiff University offers two psychology degree courses including BSc (hons) psychology and a sandwich course.

Cardiff is a great city to be a student in. It’s large, full of life, friendly and easy going. There are thousands of students, so you’re in good company but you also have the benefits of being in a country’s capital. That means plenty to see and do, shopping, dining and entertainment as well as good transport links.

10. University of York

The University of York is another newcomer to our top 10 lists, which is surprising given it is one of the country’s most established institutions. It consistently scores well on student satisfaction scores so it’s good to see it here.

The University of York offers three psychology degree courses, including BSc (hons) psychology and natural science and a sandwich course.

York is a fascinating city with history going back thousands of years. It’s full of quaint streets, unique shops, characterful pubs and lots of things to see and do. As it’s in Yorkshire, locals are friendly and welcoming and there is usually something going on.