Top tips to settle your nerves on your first day at university

3rd September 2015
Calming your nerves on your first day of University

So you’ve got settled into your new flat and now it’s time for your first day of studies! Are you feeling anxious? Is the thought of your first day at university a daunting one? Check out our tips to settle those nerves so you can start enjoying your new student life to the max.

Remember! Everyone is in the same boat

You are not alone! The vast majority of students will be feeling just as nervous as you are! Everyone around campus on the first day will be relieved to be on the receiving end of a friendly smile and hello.

Speak to friends and family

Speaking to friends and family will provide an opportunity to ask any questions ahead of your first day. Hearing their experiences of all the fun they had and the friends they made will help build your confidence and ease your nerves. Have you had chance to make any friends in your accommodation yet? Even if you’re not studying the same course, you could walk with them to university on your first day. Just don’t get too attached when it’s time to say goodbye!

Get up early and ease your way into the day

Making sure you are ready the night before will ease your mind and let you focus on your first day. Frantically running around in the morning to find your notepad or uni campus map will only bring unwanted stress! Get up early, have a cup of tea or coffee, read a book or watch some TV to ensure your morning is a relaxing one. Your mind-set will be right for the day ahead.

Put yourself out there

We know it’s much easier said than done, but try to strike up a conversation with the people on your course. You could talk about your summer break, where you’re staying, where you’ve come from or what you’re looking forward to the most about your new student life. You’ll be sat with them for the next few months at least, so making that initial effort can go a long way to making lasting friendships.

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