The ten different types of people you'll meet at university

11th September 2015
Group of students sat in a park

So you’re getting to know people in your flat and around your university. Check out these student stereotypes, some or most of which you’ll no doubt have stumbled across!

1) The clever one

There is always one person whether at school or university that will always claim to know more than you. They might try to act as though they don’t work hard, but you’ll always be able to find them hidden away in the depths of the library swatting up on their general knowledge.

2) The party animal

Often found not far away from the nearest watering hole, with a fancy-dress outfit from the night before; they are always keen for a big night out, or even a big night in with literally anyone that will join them.

3) The helpful one

Always willing to help out by doing the washing up or sending you the lecture notes from the lectures you were just too hung-over to attend. A genuine person that just wants to help out and make your day a little brighter.

4) The sporty one

Always in their football kit or ready to hit the yoga mat, they can be spotted swigging down a protein shake and will have frightening/annoying (delete as applicable) levels of energy. If you want to find them, try checking the gym!

5) The good looking one

They will catch your eye on the first day of university and you will still have your eyes on them at your graduation. Someone everyone talks about around campus! You just need time to build up the courage to approach them. Is three years long enough?

6) The laid back one

You’ll find them in their pyjamas all day, down the pub instead of attending their lectures or getting more than their money’s worth from their Netflix subscription. Incredibly friendly and always up for anything if it means avoiding doing any work!

7) The control freak

Often suffering from OCD they will be bossing you that the kitchen is not tidy. If you are doing group work with them you will be inundated with emails to check your progress.

8) The BNOC (Big Name On Campus)

They can’t walk a minute down the road without bumping into someone they know, and their contact list is twice as long as everyone else’s!They will often be found hanging out with the party animal and the laid back one, as well as almost everyone else at the university. The ideal person to know if you need a favour while at uni.

9) The gamer

Great to have in your flat as you’ll always be welcome to join them for a game of FIFA or Call of Duty. They’ll be locked away in their room, stocked up on Red Bull and snacks ready for an intense gaming session. Just don’t interrupt them at a crucial moment!

10) The mummy’s boy/daddy’s girl

Despite having a tough exterior they’re a real softy at heart; always disappearing home on the weekends. You won’t be able to find space in the freezer as all of their parents homemade ready meals will have taken up all the space.

Which of these resemble you and your flat mates the most?