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24th March 2023
Green newsletter

It may almost be Spring, but it’s still cold outside! We’re thinking about conserving energy - do we really need to leave the heater and lights on when we’re out? All our sites are working towards reducing energy consumption in any way we can; from insulating our buildings to new types of heating, we are always looking for ways to save precious energy that don’t compromise our customers’ enjoyment of their homes.

Carbon footprint

In our last newsletter we looked at what our carbon footprints were and this time we’re investigating how to get to carbon neutral. This can seem like such a huge goal that it's tempting not to try, but, if everyone takes a tiny step, we will go a long way. Zero Giki has loads of small steps we can take to become carbon neutral. Just put in your info and set tasks and goals to give yourself a sense of achievement once you’ve completed something. There are a few facts below to get you thinking.

Keep temperatures high while keeping energy use low!

We’re happy to say it is starting to get warmer, but for our international students joining us from very warm countries, there’s still a few months until the warmer weather! Follow these tips and you’ll be keeping warm in no time.

  • The quickest way to acclimatize is to get outside! Make the most of your new city and go for plenty of walks and wanders – this will help your body get used to the cold.
  • Duvets usually come with a ‘Tog’ rating attached - the Tog Scale is a way of measuring the heat retention properties of a given material, so the higher the tog, the toastier the duvet!
  • Layers are key! Invest in thermal underwear that can then be layered with jumpers, fleeces, and coats or jackets. You’ll be retaining heat and style!

Next term we'll be focusing on the environment and how we can look after it, got any ideas or tips to share? Drop an email to our dedicated green inbox ( and if we use your tip you'll win a £10 e-voucher. We're also looking for people interested in joining a focus group to help us with our journey to sustainability - ask on site for more information! 

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