Student Nights Out in Liverpool

Enjoying yourself and blowing off steam is all part of being a student. One great thing about Liverpool is that you have plenty of opportunities to do just that. Whatever day of the week you want to party, there’s always something going on!
Student Nights Out in Liverpool
Published on: 23 Oct 2023
Best Liverpool Nights Out for Students

No matter what day of the week it is, there’s usually something happening. We’ll prove it by showing you every night of the week and at least one venue that’s open for business. Most will be in Liverpool city centre. Convenient for class and your Sanctuary Student’s accommodation.

You’ll never have far to travel to get home!

First, we have to give an honourable mention to the Student Union. A university staple wherever you study and faithfully keeping students hydrated every day of the term.

Wherever you study, there will be a bar (or three) run by your ever-faithful Students Union. Otherwise, try any of these for a top Liverpool student night!

Monday - The Raz (Blue Angel Nightclub)

Blue Angel, or The Raz as it’s also known, is a student staple in Liverpool. It has been around since forever and is geared up for students. It’s on Seel Street, so isn’t far to get home after a long night.

If you want to start your week with a bang, this is where you go on a Monday night. It’s cheap to get in, will often have £1 drink specials and will have an eclectic mix of music to listen to while you hang out with friends.

If cocktails are more your thing, try the Brooklyn Mixer on a Monday night. It’s more cocktails and DJs over three floors with a completely different vibe than The Raz.

Tuesday - Juicy - The Peacock

Juicy offers one of the best student nights in Liverpool. It used to be held at Shipping Forecast but moved to Skint and The Peacock on Seel Street.

It’s a great night out, especially for a Tuesday. It offers cheap entry, cheap drinks and a selection of DJs covering most popular forms of RnB, hip hop and modern classics. There’s usually a mix of local DJs and more well-known ones so it can be a great night out.

Wednesday - Level

If you’re up for a Wednesday night out, it’s Level you want to head for. It’s one of Liverpool’s largest clubs with 6 rooms over 3 floors. It’s on Fleet Street close to the centre of the action and close to your student accommodation in Marybone or Grenville Street near the Baltic Triangle.

Wednesday is Quids in Wednesday, a Liverpool student night special, with £1 entrance, cheap drinks, free toast and lots of gimmicks like text the screen and inflatables to play around with.

It’s cheesy but a good night out, especially for a Wednesday.

Thursday – Dirty Antics at Heebie Jeebies

Heebie Jeebies is one of the best clubs in Liverpool and Thursday is student nights. It’s cheap entry and money well spent. You’re on Seel Street again so not far to roll home.

Dirty Antics under various names has been one of the main Thursday nights in Liverpool for students for years. Multiple rooms, multiple DJs, cheap drinks and a short walk home, what’s not to like?

Thursdays are traditionally the weekend warmup so you’ll also find action at Bongo’s Bingo, Revolution and other venues too.

Friday – Medication

Friday is the beginning of the weekend so you’re spoilt for choice as a student in Liverpool. We chose Medication as the best nightclub in Liverpool on a Friday night.

Medication is at Seel Street’s Arts Club so is in the centre of the action. It’s a little more expensive to get in but it still has a friendly student vibe. There are usually some decent DJs playing a mix of music, confetti cannons, lasers and the usual nightclub stuff and it’s great fun.

Friday is also a great night to visit Heebie Jeebies, Revolution and most pubs, bars and clubs in town.

Saturday - Heebie Jeebies - Walkabout

Saturday night is where it’s at. You’ve had all day to sleep off Friday night and there’s no class on Sunday so it’s game on. Fortunately, you have lots of clubs and bars in Liverpool to play.

We would definitely recommend checking out Heebie Jeebies as it’s always a good night out. Otherwise, Walkabout is a student favourite if you don’t want to dance.

Sunday - Popworld – Carnage

Still not had enough? There’s still plenty to do on a Sunday night. A couple of Liverpool clubs are open Sundays and will let you end the weekend on a high before hitting the books again.

The two main contenders are Popworld and Carnage. Popworld is full cheese with free entry for students, cheap drinks and discounts if you use the app.

Carnage is a dress-up pub crawl and is something every student needs to try at least once. You sign up for a crawl, buy the t-shirt, wear the t-shirt on the night and prepare yourself for a night of carnage. To say any more would spoil the effect.

Liverpool Nights Out for Students

As a leading provider of student accommodation in Liverpool, Sanctuary Students have our serious side and want you to study and do well.

But we know how important it is to enjoy yourself too.

That’s why we like Liverpool so much. Whatever night of the week you want to go out, there’s always something going on. Most of your options won’t break the bank either, which is a bonus.

That’s not including the cafes, bars, bistros and outdoor events and other entertainment options you have in the city!