Best student jobs in Liverpool

2nd March 2023
Young person working as a barista in a coffee shop

Best student jobs in Liverpool

Working while you study is a chance to experience even more of Liverpool, to boost your CV, to get real world work experience and to give yourself the best possible chance of a job once you graduate.

One advantage of living in the city centre with Sanctuary Students is that you have the whole of Liverpool on your doorstep.

Leisure, entertainment and shopping opportunities are everywhere. As are some of the best student jobs in Liverpool.

Working and studying requires organisational skills but can be very rewarding.

Gone are the days of using students as low paid labour. Many employers value the flexibility and energy a student can bring to a workplace and are willing to pay for it.

Here are a few part-time jobs you might want to consider:



Job description – Making coffee, serving customers, refilling stock, clearing tables and anything the coffee shop needs to function.

Skills – Reliability is key, as is the ability to count, follow instructions and make delicious coffee. You’ll also need to be good with people and have a good memory for orders.

Average pay – Around £8.50-£9 per hour on average.

Flexibility – Most retail jobs use shift rotas that do have flexibility but also require the same from you. These are some of the most competitive student jobs in Liverpool so you need to be reliable!


Waiting staff

Job description – Waiting staff or servers, depending on where you work, are the cornerstone of the industry. Waiting tables, clearing tables, taking orders, expediting orders and other tasks will be typical.

Skills – You’ll need to be able to work on your feet, be fast, think quickly, have a good memory, legible writing or be able to use a POS system and be willing to help wherever required.

Average pay – Around £9 per hour on average.

Flexibility – Most waiting staff work shifts so will have some flexibility. You will need to be reliable though. This is another fiercely competitive student job in Liverpool so reliability is key.



Job description – Bartenders work behind the bar in cafes, restaurants, bistros, pubs, bars and clubs. You’ll typically take orders, serve drinks, take payment, refill stock and numerous other tasks.

Skills – You’ll need a good memory for orders, be comfortable on your feet and working at speed. You’ll also need to be resilient as you’ll be working in a busy environment when all your friends are out enjoying themselves.

Average pay - Around £9 per hour on average.

Flexibility – Tending bar is usually shift work so is inherently flexible as long as you’re dependable.


Working for a university

Job description – As you already know, universities are huge and are supported by an army of staff, from research assistants to gardeners, admin assistants to working in the student union. There are hundreds of types of jobs on campus.

Skills – Many and varied. All typically require literacy and numeracy, reliability and the ability to follow instructions. Some specialised roles may require training.

Average pay - Around £8.50-£9 per hour on average.

Flexibility – Much will depend on the work you’re doing but some roles are more flexible than others. The convenience of working on campus makes these sought-after student jobs.


Temp work at an agency

Job description – Temp work at an agency can also be almost anything. From stacking shelves to working in an office, working for the council to being an extra in a TV show. The jobs and job descriptions are many and varied

Skills – Depends entirely on the role but most temp jobs require minimal training and should be relatively easy to master.

Average pay - Around £9 per hour on average.

Flexibility – Temp work fluctuates and will sometimes require you to move fast to fill a shift. You need to be flexible as well as expect flexibility.


Pet Sitter

Job description – Work for an agency or pet sitting website where you’ll keep an animal company, walk it, feed it, engage and play with it and generally look after them.

Skills – You’ll need to like animals! You’ll also need to be trustworthy, reliable and pass a basic Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

Average pay - Around £8.50-£9 per hour on average or £40-50 per day.

Flexibility – Pet sitting can often require a whole day or whole night. Otherwise, it depends entirely on what’s available.



Job description – You’ll be looking after one or more children so patience and awareness is key. As is being calm and willing to engage with children of all ages and abilities.

Skills – No specialist skills are needed except that you’re trustworthy, able to pass a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and be willing to work unsocial hours.

Average pay - Around £8.50-£9 per hour on average or £40-50 per day.

Flexibility – Childcare, or babysitting, can involve working all day while the parents are at work or covering an evening or all night. You can pick and choose jobs though.



Job description – Tutoring typically involves teaching children the basics of subjects to help them get good grades. If you’re good at a particular subject, you can specialise.

Skills – You’ll need to be demonstrably good at a particular subject and have good grades. You’ll also need to be good with people, able to communicate effectively to children and be willing to travel around Liverpool.

Average pay - Around £9 per hour on average.

Flexibility – Tutoring usually happens after school or in the evenings so fits around your own studies nicely. That convenience means these are some of the best student jobs in Liverpool!


Event staff

Job description – Event staff can work at festivals, fetes, corporate events, music events and all kinds of events. You’ll do anything from waiting tables, tending bar, helping behind the scenes to taking tickets and clearing up.

Skills – Mostly low-skilled and easy to master. Most event companies provide full training and development if you prove reliable.

Average pay - Around £9 per hour on average.

Flexibility – Events often happen evenings and weekends so you’ll need to be flexible, but you’ll get the same in return.


Fitness instructor

Job description – A fitness instructor will work in a gym on campus or in the city. You’ll either lead a class, walk the gym floor to help out, clear up, keep the venue clean and many other tasks.

Skills – You’ll need to be physically fit with some knowledge of exercise, technique and basic physiology.

Average pay - Around £9 per hour on average.

Flexibility – Many fitness instructors will work shifts throughout the day and evening. Some weekend work may be required too. You may be able to choose those shifts though.


Student jobs in Liverpool

Those are just a few of the many student jobs in Liverpool. We had to select just a few because the scope for working while you study is huge!

Stay with Sanctuary Students in Liverpool and you’ll be close to the city centre and all the opportunities that it provides. That’s a big benefit to any job, especially if you work unsocial hours!