Help bee populations grow and flowers bloom by laying off your lawn for No Mow May

3rd May 2022
A picture of Help bee populations grow and flowers bloom by laying off your lawn for No Mow May

The month of May is an important one for many reasons. With spring in full swing and summer on the horizon, there’s lots going on with exam season around the corner, too. While you spend time working hard on assignments and revising for upcoming exams, it’s important to get outside and take frequent breaks!

Whether it’s a walk to catch up with a friend or even an outdoor sports match, getting some fresh air will do wonders for both your physical and mental health – so make sure you plan breaks into your revision schedule.

No Mow May

Outside of the uni bubble, it’s also ‘No Mow May’! The No Mow May campaign encourages us to lock up our lawn mowers and let your lawn thrive with wild flowers and long, healthy grass, with the goal of helping out bees, butterflies and wildlife to live their best life!

Letting lawns grow provides a feast of nectar for bees and allows all kinds of wild flowers to flourish. Sanctuary Students are excited to get involved with the campaign and do our bit to see how we can help our buzzy bee population grow and wild flowers bloom. Who knows, we may even find a rare flower species growing on one of our lawns!

Someone mowing their lawn

Joining the campaign

Here at Sanctuary Students, we’re eager to play our part and contribute towards helping our planet in any way we can – read our termly newsletter to find out more about what’s going on!

For No Mow May, several of our student accommodation sites are getting involved and laying off the lawn! We’re certainly excited to see what wildlife and flowers will appear.

Our sites getting involved with No Mow May:

  • Great Wilkins Halls in Brighton
  • Alliance House, Dinwiddy House, Paul Robeson House, Manna Ash and Coopers Court in London
  • Denmark Road in Manchester
  • Murano Street Student Village, 13 Caithness Street in Glasgow.

A bee feeding on a light blue flower

Get involved

If you have a garden, why not get involved too? Say “no” to the mow and see just how many wild flowers peep through and bumble-y creatures visit your garden. What’s more, Every Flower Counts are asking those involved with the campaign to monitor which type of and how many flowers grow in their garden or selected ‘No Mow’ patch. On 21st May, you can submit your findings to receive your very own Personal Nectar Score, showing how many bees your lawn can support.

The study is not only helping bees throughout May, but also gathering vital research into the impact of climate change on flowering and nectar production, plus what flowers are the most abundant and how we can encourage more of them to grow on our lawns!

If you’re interested in getting involved, make sure to lay off the lawn and look out for the Every Flower Counts survey – opening on 21st May.


If you have an interest in learning more about our planet and how we’re doing our bit to help here at Sanctuary Students, you can check out The Green Guide. Find our top energy tips on how to save electricity, water and energy to do your bit to look after our Earth.

Alternatively, keep an eye out for our Sanctuary Students’ Green Newsletter! Once a term, we choose a new theme and keep you updated with advice and top tips about what we’re doing, and plan to do, to get green!