Five things final year students will struggle to say goodbye to

29th March 2016
Female student wiping her tears.

Are you in your final year at uni and about to graduate? Here are five things we think you’ll struggle to say goodbye to once you’ve realised that your time at uni is all but over.


There’s nothing quite like the freedom you experience during your uni years. Playing video games till 3am, lying in bed until 1pm, partying during the week; you’ll be longing to relive these days well into your grown up years. To ease yourself into the world of adulthood, maybe consider getting a part-time job for a few months after uni, while you make the most of summer.


At times in your life you will come across people that you just ‘click’ with. No doubt during your three or more years at uni you will have met plenty of these people! Going from hanging out with them on a daily basis to not seeing them for a while will possibly be the most difficult change you’re about to go through. Before you leave uni, make sure you create as many memories as possible in your last few months as a student – but remember friends made at uni are potentially friends for life!

Your student pad

Just think about this…clearing everything out of your room and shutting your door for one last time. The time has come to leave your home away from home behind. The thought of this is enough to bring a tear to the eye, and you’ll soon be doing it for real. If you’re about to move back home, get ready for a completely different living experience again!

Student discount

Has that free McDonald’s cheeseburger become a weekly staple in your diet? Unfortunately it’s almost time to say goodbye to your student discount. Make the most of it while you still have it with Student Beans discounts exclusively for our students.

Student nights and student parties

If you love socialising, nothing compares to the constant flow of opportunities at uni. Welcome parties in your student accommodation, parties at uni, birthday celebrations and more! When you’re not revising, see how many more parties and student nights you can fit in before leaving for good. You’ll be able to continue clubbing for as long as you like after uni, but it won’t be quite the same, and you’ll be looking back on these years as ‘the glory days’.

You will have created some amazing memories and although some good times are coming to an end, plenty more lie ahead! Prepare to say goodbye to your uni memories and get ready to start creating more.