Five interesting things about Manchester

6th January 2016
The city of Manchester.

As well as being the UK’s third largest city, Manchester has some very interesting and possibly unknown features to it! We’ve put together five fascinating facts for students living in the area that you might not know.

  1. The Wilmslow Road bus route. This is the busiest bus route in Europe and it’s not far from our Denmark Road and Grafton Street student accommodation. Roughly two buses pass through Wilmslow Road every single minute, so if you’re in need of transport to get somewhere else in the city, you certainly won’t be stuck!
  2. The world’s first modern computer was designed and built at The University of Manchester back in 1948, and was nicknamed ‘The Baby’. We can’t even begin to imagine how far computers have come since then.
  3. Greater Manchester has produced over 20 Nobel Prize winners! So if you’re studying in Manchester, you’ve certainly got some high standards to try and aspire to! Check out these five Manchester Nobel laureates who changed the world.
  4. The Royal Hotel in Manchester was where the world’s first professional football league was founded, The Football League. Started after a meeting took place at the hotel in 1888, the league is still going strong today.
  5. Manchester is home to the UK’s Curry Mile, which is massively popular with the student population of the city. The stretch on Wilmslow Road boasts over 70 places to eat, combining restaurants and takeaways. Start ticking off how many you’ve visited.

What other interesting facts do you know about Manchester that aren’t on our list? Let us know on Facebook. If you’re looking for something to do in the city, take a look at our city guide.