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DIY Christmas jumper ideas for students

Are you looking for a cheesy Christmas jumper? We’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to make your own without stretching your student budget.
DIY Christmas jumper ideas for students
Published on: 15 Oct 2023

What's your jumper going to look like?

Step 1 – Plan how you want it to look

This step isn’t essential, you can just go with the flow, but if you have an idea in your head of how you want your finished product to look, plan it in advance. Think about a colour theme and whether there are any essential decorations that you want to be included. Pinterest or Instagram are great places to start for Christmas jumper inspiration.

Step 2 – Buy a cheap plain jumper in any colour

Go to a local shop and buy a really cheap, basic, plain jumper. Don’t forget to use your student discount if possible for even more of a bargain!

Step 3 – Let your creative Christmas juices flow!

Your plain jumper is your blank canvas, so get started! Grab some decorations that you no longer use or buy some cheap new ones and then consider these ideas:

  • - Think about decorations for your tree, candy canes, baubles and so on. Attach them to your jumper with a small bow.

  • - Use battery powered fairy lights and push them through the material to light yourself up. Tape them up underneath the jumper to hold them in place.

  • - Get the glamorous look! Wrap tinsel around the sleeves and the neck opening. Tape it down to the material to secure it.

  • - Add a musical tie and make yourself euphonic as well as aesthetically pleasing! Wear the tie as it is or you take out the music and lights and attach them to the jumper. Try attaching jingle bells too! Grab a stencil, cut out snowflake shapes from white paper and glue them on.

If you have a pen made for writing on clothes, you can add your own custom text to wish the locals a Merry Christmas in your very own way!

  • - Accessorise! If you fancy some treats while wearing the jumper, you could hang a sweets-filled stocking from it.

Step 4 – Revel in your new creation

The hard work is complete and it’s time to show off what you’ve achieved to your fellow students! Whether it’s a night in your student flat or a night on the town with your uni friends, we think you’ll be the envy of everyone, or at least the talk of everyone!

Whether you’ve bought one or you’re making your own, we want to see your favourite Christmas jumper! Be sure to share your photos with us on Sanctuary Students social media and we’ll give you our feedback.

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