Cheapest Student Accommodation in Ormskirk

We have been where you are. Facing three or more years in a new town and a new way of life. That’s why we put this guide together covering everything you need to know about finding the cheapest student accommodation in Ormskirk.
Cheapest Student Accommodation in Ormskirk
Published on: 23 Oct 2023
The town of Ormskirk

Ormskirk is in Lancashire, around 14 miles north of Liverpool and 20 miles south of Preston.

It’s a relatively modest market town and home to Edge Hill University. The university is southeast of the town centre on St Helens Road, a minute or so from Ormskirk District General Hospital.

Ormskirk has good road links to surrounding towns and cities. A mainline train station links the town to Liverpool and Preston.

It is a quiet and friendly town. There aren’t the same numbers of bars, pubs and clubs you might expect  for example in Liverpool, but that can be a good thing.

Cost of living in Ormskirk for students

As a Lancashire market town, it’s cheaper to be a student in Ormskirk than it is anywhere in the south. Rents are lower, drinks are cheaper, dinner out or pizza delivery is usually less expensive and your overall cost of living is less.

Salaries are lower too though. If you plan to work as well as study, you won’t earn as much as you might in other places. It’s all relative. How does student accommodation in Ormskirk compare to other university towns?

According to Oxford University, ‘the estimated total living costs for a student at Oxford, including rent and food, are between £1,290 and £1,840 a month.’ That includes a minimum of £715 per month for rent. That’s halls, not private accommodation. In London you would expect top pay between £1,237 and £1,309 per month.

Compare that to Sanctuary Student’s Ormskirk halls at £124 per week, and you’ll see quite a difference! That’s just one example of how well Ormskirk compares to other university towns. We’re sure you’ll find more reasons as you research.

Cheapest student accommodation options in Ormskirk

Sanctuary Students offers some of the cheapest student accommodation options in Ormskirk. Even though rents are lower in Ormskirk, the housing stock for students is relatively limited. This keeps rents artificially inflated.

At Sanctuary Students, we price our accommodation to make it as competitive and as affordable as possible. Plus, staying with us is about so much more than just a room!

We have two buildings in Ormskirk, just ten minutes’ walk from Edge Hill University on St Helens Road, just south of the town centre.

It’s within walking distance of the town, pubs, bars, market, shops and railway station. It’s also just a short walk to class down St Helens Road.

The Ridings and Grange Court

The Ridings and Grange Court offer large standard rooms priced from £116.50 per week. 

Rooms include a single bed, study area, storage, large window and enough space to live in comfort. Facilities are shared with other students. That includes bathrooms, kitchen and laundry so there’s everything you need.

There is car parking available but it’s limited and requires a parking permit that costs £175 per year. All student accommodation with Sanctuary Students is fully inclusive. The rent you see is the rent you pay. No hidden extras, no fees, no bills to pay. Your rent includes all bills, gas, electricity, water, heating, internet and a cleaner for the shared spaces. You also get free contents insurance as part of that price for a little extra protection.

If you don’t mind living further from class, Sanctuary Students also has accommodation in Preston. We have two properties in Preston for students on Moor Lane Halls and Walker Street. They are a short drive north or direct train into Ormskirk and aren’t far.

We would recommend living closer to class as it makes balancing work and play much easier, but it’s entirely up to you where you stay.

Sanctuary Students can help you either way!

Tips for saving money as a student in Ormskirk

You have found the cheapest student accommodation in Ormskirk so you’re off to a great start.

Here are some more actionable tips for saving money as a student:

Use student travel tickets

If you plan to use public transport, use a student discount option whenever one is available.

Some bus and train companies offer student travelcards you can use for a month or year. If you plan to travel a lot, they may be worth investigating.

Create a budget

Creating a budget is the #1 tip we give every student who stays with us. We know it’s not the most exciting task in the world, but it can improve every aspect of your time here.

Create a weekly and monthly budget so you know exactly what you have to spend and how long it needs to last.

That way you can accurately calculate how much money you can spend on a daily, weekly and monthly basis while you’re a student here.

Shop smart

Be savvy how you shop. If you’re shopping for groceries, shop at the end of the day when the most yellow ticket discounts appear.

If you shop for books, buy used from other students, eBay or another online marketplace.

Buy vintage clothes online or from a charity shop. You’ll often find well-known brands for a percentage of the original price.

Cook at home

All Sanctuary Students accommodation has cooking facilities in the building, so use it.

Cooking for yourself takes a little time and effort but you control exactly what’s in your food and spend a lot less than having someone else cook for you.

Plus, cooking is a life skill that could serve you well throughout your life.

Compare and save

Use comparison websites for every bill you pay. While you won’t have many bills if you’re with Sanctuary Students, you can save on most things if you spend a little time comparing, especially on your phone bill!

Get a student bank account

If you don’t have a student bank account already, get one. They offer free banking and often come with incentives, free offers and other goodies.

This is the last time you’ll get anything for free from a bank so you may as well use it!

Making the most of being a student in Ormskirk

Ormskirk and Edge Hill University are great places to spend a few years, while you complete your studies. It’s cheaper to live here than anywhere down south, meaning your money can go further.

You’ll still need to watch your budget, but with our help and these money saving tips, you should be able to work, play and make the most out of your time as a student in Ormskirk!

If you’re looking for the cheapest student accommodation in Ormskirk, contact Sanctuary Students today. Don’t delay, rooms rent fast!

Accommodation prices accurate as of June 2023.

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