Cheap Student Accommodation in Falmouth

Looking for cheap student accommodation in Falmouth? Struggling to find somewhere to stay within budget? Want to learn how to make your money go further while you study? You have questions. Sanctuary Students has answers!
Cheap Student Accommodation in Falmouth
Published on: 29 Jan 2024
Student living in Falmouth

Falmouth is a small city on the south coast of Cornwall. It’s a lovely part of the country, with scenic views and a strong maritime history.

It’s also home to Falmouth University, rated as one of the best places to study art and design and other creative subjects.

The university is just outside of town, a short walk from the harbour and the train station. It’s a reasonable size, located on a hill overlooking the harbour. There are definitely worse places to study!

Even though it’s a city, there’s a small town vibe in Falmouth, in a good way.

It’s home to just under 30,000 people so it won’t have the same amenities as a larger city. But it’s friendly and welcoming, and has some of the best scenery in the country.

There’s a decent nightlife scene, a couple of clubs, plenty of pubs, some good restaurants and all the beaches you could ever want to surf.

Cost of living in Falmouth for students

The cost of living in Falmouth for students is reasonable, except for accommodation.

As Falmouth is a tourist town, prices remain sensible for most of the year and can then increase during summer.

You can avoid most of this if you know where to shop and where to go out, but it’s something to bear in mind.

The general cost of living aside from student accommodation is pretty good. Pubs, bars and cafes are all reasonably priced.

It’s very possible to have a good night out in Falmouth for less than other university cities like Manchester or Brighton, that’s for sure!

Getting around isn’t too bad either, thanks to bus and train routes. Both options offer student discounts on travel the same as anywhere else.

General expenses will be the same here as anywhere else. The same for food, clothing and your everyday costs.

Student accommodation in Falmouth can be a challenge though, as you’ll find out next.

Cheapest student accommodation options in Falmouth

Student accommodation in Falmouth is one area where you really do need to choose carefully.

As a tourist city with limited housing stock, you’re competing with locals who want a place to live, other students and an abundance of holiday lets.

Holiday lets are so lucrative that many local landlords prefer to offer them over student housing.

Expect to pay more than you might expect for a small town on student accommodation. The local housing app, CornwallStudentPad, has prices averaging around £950 per month for an HMO, which is not cheap!

Your alternative is to stay with Sanctuary Students. We manage Henry Scott Tuke House on behalf of Falmouth University and it could be your home from home while you study.

It’s much cheaper than renting privately and probably much higher quality too!

An en-suite room could cost as little as £145.39 per week including bills.

That’s right. Including bills.

All heating, electricity, water, Wi-Fi, security, cleaning of common areas, use of the common room and even contents insurance are included in the price of your rent.

No bills and no hidden fees. The rent you see is the rent you pay, guaranteed!

Our student accommodation in Falmouth is clean and well-maintained, with laundry facilities on site, en-suite rooms, CCTV, security, maintenance and all the amenities you need while you study.

Tips for saving money as a student in Falmouth

Being a student is a financial challenge wherever you study. Falmouth is no different and presents its own challenges as you have seen.

That’s why we have put together some quick tips on making the most of your money while you’re studying at Falmouth University.

Create a budget

The most important thing you can do to manage money is create a budget. It helps you work out how much you have, how much you’re spending and how much you have left to spend.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just use a spreadsheet to track your income and expenses, and work out how much you’ll have remaining to spend each week.

Stick to that and you should be fine!

Learn to cook

Seriously, learn to cook some basic dishes. It will save you a fortune! While students can live on pot noodles and pizza, learning to cook a few staple meals keeps life interesting and a little more nutritious.

Think pasta dishes, chilli, curries and anything you can cook in bulk to portion and freeze.

Shop savvy, cook in bulk and you can keep yourself fuelled with a reasonably balanced diet.

You’ll save a tonne of money on takeaways and food deliveries. That’s money you can spend elsewhere!

Get a student bank account

A student bank account is basic but opens the doors to special offers, student discounts and other incentives. Some of them are actually quite useful, too.

Now we pay for everything using cards, a good bank account is essential. You may as well avoid paying fees for a while and enjoy a few perks you won’t get when you’re no longer a student!

Use cashback websites

Sign up for cashback websites like TopCashback, Quidco and Swagbucks and use them whenever you buy online.

Every little helps as the saying goes and these sites can help you save a little on everyday shopping.

Don’t buy things just for the cashback though. Earn it on stuff you would buy anyway. You might be surprised just how much you could make!

Get a TOTUM card

If you don’t know already, a TOTUM card is a discount card from the National Union of Students.

It offers discounts on food and drink, cheap entry to places and a range of other incentives. It’s well worth checking out and getting if it works for you.

Get a student travelcard

Public transportation is a little limited in Falmouth but if you want to travel by bus or train, get a travelcard.

A little bit of research could help you save big on tickets, especially if you buy a season ticket or book in advance.

Seek out student discounts

Most businesses in university towns offer student discounts in one form or another.

Whether that’s free or cheaper entry on certain nights, cheap drinks or something else, there is always money to be saved.

Look for signs and don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t see one. Students are a huge market and businesses won't want to miss out on that!

Being a student in Falmouth

Aside from student accommodation in Falmouth, being a student in the city should be a great experience.

It’s one of the prettiest places to live in the country and is small enough to be friendly, welcoming and safe.

Finding cheap student accommodation can be a challenge though. Unless you stay with Sanctuary Students.

We offer cheap student housing with reasonable rent, no bills, high standards and everything you need to enjoy student life in the area.

Contact Sanctuary Students today to book the cheapest student accommodation in Falmouth. Move fast as these student rooms won’t be around for long!