Best Gyms in Liverpool for Students

There’s no better antidote to the stress of study and exams like working up a sweat. Working your body as hard as your mind is a great way to de-stress, blow off steam and flood your body with good feelings.
Best Gyms in Liverpool for Students
Published on: 23 Oct 2023
University of Liverpool Sports and Fitness Centre

The University of Liverpool Sports and Fitness Centre is the logical first gym for students if you’re studying here.

It’s a short distance from campus halls, is close to Sanctuary Student’s Grenville Street student accommodation and an easy walk from there to class.

The gym runs classes, is well-equipped, staffed and has all the characteristics of a good gym. It’s also priced for students, which is a huge benefit.

The University of Liverpool Sports and Fitness Centre has the only full-size swimming pool, so if you like to swim, this place is a no-brainer.

Pure Gym

Pure Gym is also in the city centre and is another great gym for students in Liverpool. There are a couple of Pure Gyms in the city, but the closest to our student accommodation is on Ranelagh Street.

The gym is well equipped with machines and free weights and runs regular classes. It also has A/C and WiFi, which is a real benefit.

Pure Gym is open 24/7 but isn’t staffed around the clock. There is staff around during the day and into the evening, but after that, there isn’t always anyone around.

Pure offers student discounts of around 30%, which is a decent amount off the monthly fee.

JD Gyms

JD Gyms’ Liverpool location is on Dale Street in the city centre. It has a different feel to the University of Liverpool Sports and Fitness Centre but is still an excellent option for keeping fit.

It has more of an urban or boot camp feel, with loud music, darker lighting and more of a driven vibe. That’s great if you’re trying to prepare for an event or want to get your sweat on.

Gym membership is more expensive than the uni gym but the fee includes all classes, which can make it worth the extra expense.

The Gym at Liverpool ONE

The Gym at Liverpool ONE is one more gym close to class and to our city centre student accommodation. Based in the shopping mall, this 24/7 gym is a decent size.

There is the usual mix of machines and classes but also an impressive free weights area. The gym is lighter than JD Gyms but no less dedicated to helping you succeed.

The gym currently offers a 6 month student deal with discounted classes, the ability to use two different gym locations, free fitness resources and the obligatory gym app.

Nuffield Health Liverpool

Nuffield Health operates the Liverpool Fitness & Wellbeing Gym on Riverside Drive, a short way south of the city. If you live south of town or have transport, it’s a short distance from the centre, open early until late.

We recommend the Liverpool Fitness & Wellbeing Gym because it’s more of a health club than a pure gym. It has a pool, classes, sauna, steam room and onsite physiotherapists and other medical experts in case you need them.

Membership is expensive, but you get the whole wellbeing package as well as use of the gym.

Crew 42

Crew 42 is a gym but is more about boot camps and fitness classes than lone wolf training. If you want to get fit, prepare for an event or have specific goals in mind, this is for you.

It’s located close to the passport office on Gibraltar Row so is accessible from class and Sanctuary Students’ Marybone 1,2 and 3 student housing.

It is open 7 days a week from early until evening and runs classes throughout that time. Each class costs between £6 and £10.

MASDA Gym Liverpool

MASDA Gym is a martial arts gym on St Anne Street in the city. It runs regular classes for boxing, Muay Thai and MMA training and has a standard gym.

MASDA Gym is more about learning martial arts but you’ll also have the benefit of increasing fitness too. The gym also offers a student discount, which is a definite benefit.

It’s relaxed, welcoming and inclusive but be prepared to work hard!

Marybone Student Village Gym

Our final gym is the Marybone Student Village gym which is located in the heart of Liverpool, perfect for any students staying at one of our Marybone properties.

The gym is well equipped with a range of machines, free weights and cardio equipment. It has everything you need to stay in tip top shape with the added benefit of it being right on your doorstep, making it the most convenient for students staying with us.


Thats not all, if your staying with Sanctuary Students at our Marybone 1, 2 or 3 properties, you get free access to the Marybone gym, so no additional expenses to factor into your spending.

Gyms in Liverpool

There are plenty of gyms in Liverpool for those who like their workouts to be structured and out of the weather.

Some offer student discounts while others don’t. Some offer no contract while others will tie you in.

Don’t forget though, gyms are only one way to get fit.

You can still run around the city in the many parks, play one of the many sports that have university clubs or work out with friends in your own way.

As long as you do some form of exercise, that’s all that matters!