Beat the energy crisis – stick with Sanctuary Students

10th February 2022
Someone holding up a lightbulb

You might have seen the recent headlines that electricity and gas bills are set to soar for millions of households across the UK, but fear not – at Sanctuary Students, we have all-inclusive bills, meaning that energy bills are covered within your rent.


What’s causing the rise?

The crisis has been dominating recent news, with energy regulator Ofgem announcing that the energy price cap will rise by 54% in April – meaning electricity and gas bills for a typical household will go up by £693 a year.

The rise has been caused by a worldwide squeeze on energy supplies, and the UK has been particularly hard-hit because the majority of our homes use gas central heating, and also because we use gas to produce a third of our electricity.

Despite the government announcing a support plan, the worry is that around 18 million households will end up spending a disproportionate amount of their income on energy. Those who are already on a budget – students included! – are naturally getting very concerned about fuel poverty.

Stick with Sanctuary

We always promote the fact we have all-inclusive bills at Sanctuary Students – something you wouldn’t get in a landlord-let or house in multiple occupation – but with the financial uncertainty caused by the energy crisis, the benefits of having your bills covered really come into their own.

ALL utilities are included in your rent, including electricity, water and heating – plus there’s Wi-Fi in your room and throughout the building. Contents insurance is also included.

Splitting bills can also be a major cause of arguments in shared houses – a situation that will likely be exacerbated by the soaring prices. Having your bills covered therefore means you won’t have to spend time with your housemates trawling through various suppliers, and then arguing over who’s using all of the electricity…

So, if you’re still thinking about where to live in September, remember that if you rebook with us, you can guarantee no hidden costs!

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The bigger picture

Although you don’t have to worry about the costs associated with using gas and electricity in your student accommodation, conserving energy is something that should be on all of our minds.

At Sanctuary Students, we’ve been actively ‘doing our bit’ to go green – from October 2021, our electricity supplies come from green tariffs. We’re no longer using electricity that comes from fossil fuels – the electricity we buy to power our student flats comes from renewable sources like solar panels, wind turbines and hydro power plants.

And there’s lots you can do to lower your carbon footprint, too. Here are our top 5 tips for saving electricity and energy – read more in our handy Green Guide!

  1. Avoid leaving lights on when you’re not in the room.
  2. Feeling a bit chilly? Pop on a jumper before upping the heating.
  3. Feeling the heat? Turn the heating down instead of opening your windows while the heating’s on.
  4. Use the correct size ring on the hob for pans.
  5. Cook together (or use the oven at the same time) to save the heat.

Every watt of electricity and drop of water you save will make a huge difference. Plus – getting into these habits now will help you to continue saving money after uni (i.e. when you’re the one paying for it!).

Sanctuary Students gathering in a communal kitchen


We’re by your side

At Sanctuary Students, we’re more than just a room – your well-being always comes first. If the energy crisis has made you feel anxious about money or managing bills in the future, we have a Student Advice Line in partnership with Health Assured, who offer professional support.

Call our freephone number 0800 030 5182 for 24/7 help, 365 days a year, and please know that everything discussed will be kept fully confidential unless you’re deemed to be at risk of harm.