7 ways to have the best Freshers’ Week ever

7th September 2022
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If you’re part of the 2022 student intake, we’re sure that one thing at the forefront of your mind is Freshers’ Week! With most unis starting the academic year any time now, it’s time to get serious – and excited – about all that’s to come in the next few weeks.

Welcome to the freshers club! Freshers’ Week, sometimes called ‘Welcome Week’, is the name given to your first week or fortnight at uni. There’s always loads to do, from university-organised events to the smaller things, like unpacking and decorating your room or making dinner with your flatmates.

After all of your hard work to achieve some amazing results over the past few years, and the preparation that’s gone into getting you to this moment, you’ve finally made it! It’s time to have some fun. Read on for our top 7 ways to have the best Freshers’ Week ever!

Do your university admin ASAP

What should you expect on your very first day on campus? You’ll need to do university-official things like making sure you’re signed up for the right course and modules and get your photo taken for an ID card. You’ll also be offered a chance to tour your uni and ask any questions, before heading to your accommodation to move in!

Our top tip would be to sort out all of your admin as early in the week as possible. Once it’s out of the way, you can focus on the fun stuff like meeting new people, sorting out your room, and heading to fun events. Leaving it too late means you might miss out on exciting opportunities, and you definitely don’t want to forget to do something important!

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Check out your university’s Freshers’ Week programme

Freshers’ Week has a reputation for being all about drinking, all the time. But that’s absolutely not true! Of course, there are plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in local nightlife. But if drinking’s not your thing, your university’s Freshers’ Week programme can still be jam-packed, full of drink-free events.

Keep up to date with social media and emails from your university’s students’ union. Chances are, they’re the ones who’ll have all the info you need about exactly what you can get involved in. From karaoke and quizzes to an outdoor cinema and city tours, there’s lots to do and explore.

Go to Freshers’ Fair

Freshers’ Fair is a great event you’re guaranteed to find, no matter where you go to uni. It’s an integral part of your first few weeks and offers a low-key, no-pressure opportunity to learn more about your uni.

From careers and well-being services to special discounts and free food, it’s worth dedicating a couple of hours to have a wander around the fair. Ask lots of questions and make sure to grab all of those freebies!

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Try out clubs and societies

Among the many wonderful things to see and do at the Freshers’ Fair, one of the best things to take advantage of is getting in touch with clubs and societies. It might be that you’ve been part of a sports club at school, college, or sixth form and want to carry on playing at uni. Maybe you’re looking for a new hobby and want to sign up for a society!

Whatever you’re looking for, Freshers’ Fair offers a great opportunity to chat with existing members of a team or society and ask about what you can expect if you were to join. Often, there are free trial sessions you can attend before you commit, too!

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Take advantage of your student discount

Aside from the whole ‘degree’ thing, discounts rank pretty highly as one of the best things about being a student. You’ll soon develop a habit of asking in-store whether they offer a student discount, or looking for a discount code before checking out online. A quick search on the app can save you some serious £££s.

With apps like Student Beans and UNiDAYS giving you access to fairly hefty discounts for most retail shops, restaurants and subscriptions, it’s worth signing up to use these apps – it’s completely free, too!

Make plans with your flatmates

Your first few weeks at uni are the best time to try and develop relationships with your flatmates. Even better, Freshers’ Week offers loads of opportunities to bond while doing something – much better than just making small talk!

Get involved with the university’s Freshers’ Week programme and attend some events with your flat. You’ll make some great memories, and you never know, a lot of the time these completely random flat allocations might lead to lifelong friendships…the future’s bright!

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Explore your new town or city

The more time you spend exploring in your first few weeks, the safer and more confident you’ll feel about travelling around your city throughout your time at uni. It’s a really great time to discover some pretty important locations, like your local supermarket, bank and doctor’s surgery.

If your uni campus is spread across the city, have a look at where your library, student’s union, sports centre, and other university buildings are located. And don’t forget to research the best ways to travel! Whether it’s by bike, bus, or foot, look out for student discounts or local schemes you could benefit from.

Moving to uni can be a daunting experience, but here at Sanctuary Students, we’re here to help in any way we can. We have friendly and helpful staff on-site, ready to answer any questions – and point you in the right direction if they’re not sure.

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