7 fun ways to stamp your personality on your uni room

All the hard work has paid off and you’re preparing to go to university this autumn. And, while you’re busy thinking about what to pack, it’s important to leave a box free for those finishing touches that will make your uni room feel more ‘you’!
7 fun ways to stamp your personality on your uni room
Published on: 17 Oct 2023
Pin it down

Many of our rooms come with noticeboards, so they’re a great starting point for adding a personal touch to your new digs (not to mention keeping those Freshers’ Week event tickets safe!).

You might think you can’t wait to move out, but those favourite memories and mementos from your loved ones will help you settle in and keep any homesickness at bay. Print off photos of your favourite people/pets and pin them up, along with other keepsakes and messages.

A lightbulb moment

Never underestimate the power of good lighting! While the in-built ceiling lights are handy for getting ready for lectures and working at your desk, sometimes you might want a warmer lighting option for chilling out, reading and, of course, Netflix-watching.

Packing a side light or table lamp will help you create a cosy atmosphere in your room – perfect for any downtime. Another trick is bringing along a desk mirror, which will reflect more light into the room.

Lay down some roots

One way of instantly sprucing up your décor is with house plants, which will not only add some colour to your room, but will also improve the air quality. Not to mention the array of quirky plant pots out there – from neon niceties to pots shaped like llamas.

That said, if you’re not a pro-plant-parent, we’d recommend starting with low-maintenance plants, such as cacti and succulents (what could possibly go wrong?).

Get cosy

To create a haven away from the lecture halls (and clubs), go wild with the soft furnishings! From a fluffy rug to a comfy throw and funky cushions, these little touches will add a splash of colour and cosiness to your student room.

What’s more, you may be moving out into the big wide world, but your favourite cuddly still has an important place in your new pad – just saying!

Diffuse the situation

A homely scent is a great way to perk up your new pad. And, while candles and fairly lights are a strict no-go in our student accommodation, reed diffusers are a great option for making your new home-from-home smell amazing (without the risk of fire!).

More than just a room

While your uni room is extremely important, at Sanctuary Students, we know that university is about far much more than life within those four walls.

We pride ourselves on offering our student community something more than bricks, mortar and a comfy bed (although we do that too!). Our More Than Just A Room programme is designed to give you extra help and support, from exclusive discounts to confidential care through our Student Advice Line with Health Assured. We also pride ourselves on our range social opportunities, which are designed to help you make friends and settle in quickly.

We can’t wait to meet you this autumn!


Who said storage has to be dull? Certainly not us! There are lots of ways you can inject personality into your new space with storage – why not choose a colourful laundry basket or pretty stacking boxes?

Hot desk

Let’s face it, you’re probably going to be getting a fair amount of use out of that desk, so make it look amazing with some fun stationery and photo frames! The aforementioned house plants, desk light and noticeboard will also help with this!