18 ways to keep your flat entertained through the November lockdown – part 2

19th November 2020
Three friends play a board game

So, you’ve cooked up a storm in your round of ‘Come Dine with Me’, taken a stroll to your local park and made a stash of handmade Christmas cards…now what? In part two of our Lockdown 2.0 guide, we explore nine more fun activities to keep you and your fellow flat members occupied this November.

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*Remember, these activities apply to households that are not self-isolating – for tips on how to manage your mental health if you are isolating, view our recent blog: Managing your wellbeing during self-isolation.

1. Hold a games night

If you’re bored of virtual quizzes and games, get back to basics with a traditional board game or party game. There are plenty of fun options out there, from Cluedo to Charades – and, of course, the godfather of all board games: Monopoly (but be quick to bag your favourite playing piece…or you might be left with the iron!). If you’ve loved recent Netflix show The Queen’s Gambit, how about investing in a chess board for the flat?

2. Watch some old movies

Does it sometimes feel like you’ve “completed” Netflix? If you’re fed up of scrolling to find the latest cool streaming trend – or, at least, something you haven’t yet binged on – why not turn to the golden oldies? Sure, some of the special effects might look a little dated, but if you ask us, a bit of nostalgia is the perfect cure for lockdown blues.

The IMDb Top 100 has lots of inspiration, and now’s the chance to gen up on some classics, so you no longer have to live in fear of the “Wait, you’ve NEVER seen The Green Mile?” comment!

3. Have a karaoke night

You might have solved a crime when taking part in a flat-based murder mystery game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t murder your favourite song. Karaoke is a great way of raising spirits and bonding with your flat. It even releases those 'feel-good' endorphins. Hairbrush microphones and jazz hands at the ready…

4. Cook a Sunday roast

It’s the ultimate weekend treat – and, chances are, it’s also something that no-one will have braved for your flat-based ‘Come Dine With Me’. Cooking a roast may seem like it’s a job for someone with a specific set of skills (no, not Liam Neeson) – but, with a bit of teamwork, there’s no reason why you can’t create a culinary masterpiece with all the trimmings!

Here are our favourite roast recipes:

5. Do a flat-based workout

We might have gone from gym bunnies to homebodies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still work out (plus, we need to burn off that roast dinner!).

Exercise can lift your mood, and there are plenty of ways you can incorporate movement into your life sans gym. In our November lockdown part 1 blog, we mentioned taking a walk around the local park, but there’s also plenty you can do in your flat. Why not try some group exercise videos on YouTube, have a go at yoga or even get dancing to music? And, as always, don’t forget to support your exercise endeavours with a healthy and balanced diet.

6. Create a flat book club

A more sedentary affair than the last point, but a fun one, nonetheless! If you’ve discovered your flat is full of likeminded lit-lovers, it might be fun to create a flat book club to discuss winter’s top reads! Find a genre you all like and get stuck into book number one – who knows, the fun may continue after lockdown!

7. Hold a video games tournament

If one of your flatmates has a games console, how about trying to find a fun multi-player game that everyone can enjoy? If you’re all keen gamers, why not run a FIFA tournament with an ongoing leader board? Or you could try something like Mario Kart – watch out for those pesky banana skins!

8. Make some themed cocktails and mocktails

As well as themed cookery nights, have you thought about creating some fun beverages? There are lots of fun cocktail and mocktail recipes out there to try, from Harry Potter ‘potions’ to Stranger Things-inspired ‘Upside Down’ drinks.

9. Try some local delicacies

Discovering local eateries is a big part of feeling ‘at home’ in a new place, and although we can’t eat out at restaurants right now, many are operating a takeaway service. Get together and try some different places – you never know, you might discover your new favourite hangout for when lockdown ends!

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