12 awesome apps we’ll still be using after lockdown

It’s true that there’s an app for almost everything! And some of these have become lifelines during lockdown – helping us kill time, bolster our fitness, improve our mental health and even embrace our creative side.
12 awesome apps we’ll still be using after lockdown
Published on: 16 Oct 2023

When we start getting out and about more, it’ll be tricky to plan meals – after all, you’re not going to turn down an unexpected invitation to a restaurant! In lockdown, we used MealBoard to help us plan those essential grocery shops, but this app will also be handy post-lockdown, as it helps you keep track of what you’ve got in the fridge.

Looking at the bigger picture of food and plastic waste, Too Good To Go gives you a ‘Magic Bag’ of fresh food that would usually go to waste at cafes, restaurants and supermarkets – just because it hasn’t sold in time.


With gyms and swimming pools being closed, walks outside have become the order of the day for getting our steps in during lockdown. And it’s not just about the exercise – did you know that the positive mental health effects of a single exposure to nature can last for seven hours?

We love fitness apps such as Strava, Pelaton, My Fitness Pal, Map My Walk and Nike Training Club. Strava not only logs your walk/run distance but also features cool challenges to join in with over 55 million users – great motivation during lockdown, and beyond!


As well as getting moving, mental fitness is more important than ever, following a tough 12 months. Meditation-based apps like Headspace, Calm and Insight Timer can help control and understand your emotions, reduce the impact of anxiety and depression, and improve your overall well-being. Sounds like a ‘must-download’ to us!


If you turned to a language-learning app during lockdown, keep it up! Apps like DuoLingo feed into a fast-paced lifestyle, with bite-sized lessons that keep things fun and light. If you love music, why not try out Lirica, a super fun app that helps you learn Spanish via music and lyrics?


While social media isn’t top of our app agenda, as hopefully we’ll soon be able to socialise in person, TikTok makes the cut. Getting creative on social media was one of the highlights in lockdown, and with 800 million users across the globe, we think the TikTok trend is sure to continue!

Down Dog

As well as getting outside, many of us have taken to indoor exercise during lockdown – some becoming budding yogis. As yoga is a great way to relieve stress and improve strength, we think it’s a great habit to continue after lockdown. Down Dog has a brilliant focus on customisation, where you can create a session that works for you.


Podcasts have been great ways to make the lockdown time pass, with a host of topics for all interests. There are many podcast apps available, but we love PodBean, where you can even host your own content. Testing, testing!

Student Beans

An altogether different type of ‘bean’ (!!), Student Beans offers student discounts across fashion, technology, food, entertainment and more, partnering with over 650 of the world’s biggest brands. Don’t forget at Sanctuary Students we have an exclusive discount with Student Beans!


While we hope to have a lot more to do on a weekend than binge Netflix in the not-too-distant future, there are still plenty of shows to indulge in when you’re enjoying some down time. If you haven’t already, check out Bridgerton, the platform’s most-watched original series. For foodies, we love Nadiya’s Time to East, which includes delicious shortcuts and fast favourites.


When struggling to get into a routine of working during lockdown, many students turned to ‘to-do list’ apps. We think they’ll still be a great idea going forward – especially as we’ll have more distractions!

Forest is one such app that’s designed to break down a big job into more manageable chunks, and help you to take time out from your phone so that you can concentrate on your work. For each 25-minute session, you plant a seed and see it slowly blossom into a fully grown tree. If you switch to a different app, the sapling will die (dramatic, we know!). Not a fan of horticulture? The Any.do app is a great alternative.

And finally… Zoom!

We know, we know – many of us have video-call fatigue, but hear us out! Post lockdown, video call apps such as Zoom, Teams and Skype will still be a great way for students to keep in touch with family and friends back home.

At Sanctuary Students, we’re with you every step of the way as things start to open up again. If you’re feeling anxious or worried about the next few months, there are plenty of avenues of support you can turn to, including our Student Advice Line from our partners at Health Assured. Call the freephone number on 0870 397 2190 – we’re here as often as you need us, for as long as you like.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep patterns can be rather elusive, especially when you’re a student. But if you want to get into a better sleep routine after lockdown, Sleep Cycle will help you understand your sleep patterns and improve them. No more feeling groggy at 9am lectures!