10 unusual university courses you can study right now

Aside from socialising, picking up new hobbies, finding your independence and having loads of fun, the other some may say more important part of uni is actually studying for your degree! And that is only after you’ve decided which course to choose.
10 unusual university courses you can study right now
Published on: 22 Oct 2023

The study
of time

BA (Hons) Horology at Birmingham City University

As one of the only institutions in the world to teach Horology, Birmingham City University offers this unique three-year course to undergraduates who are interested in studying the mechanical side of watches and clocks, as well as the art and science of time.

The study of time

Computer hacking

MSci/BSc (Hons) Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity at Coventry University

Admittedly, we’d never seen ‘hacking’ described as ‘ethical’ before – but this course certainly opened our eyes to the possibility! Available to study as a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree course, you’ll learn the practical and theoretical sides of hacking, cybersecurity, digital forensics and the underlying computer science.

Computer hacking ethically

Brew your
own beer

BSc (Hons) Brewing and Distilling at Heriot-Watt University

On the surface, you might think this course is exclusively for big beer drinkers, but it’s not just for those who are partial to a pint. The industry’s top employers will often seek out students with this coveted degree! It covers the malting, brewing and distilling industries, including the science and technology of the processes involved – from cereal farming to bottling and packaging.

Brew your own beer

The ins and outs
of professional golf

BSc (Hons) Tournament Golf at Duchy College (a University of Plymouth Partner College)

With modules covering Golf Tour Business, Golf Science and Applied Golf Psychology, it sounds like you’d be getting a very well-rounded education when it comes to all things tournament golf-related on this course at Duchy College. The second semester of each year consists of winter training in Portugal, and there’s an opportunity to do a work placement in Dubai, too!

The ins and outs of professional golf


Parapsychology PhD at University of Edinburgh

Are you a fan of ghosts, ghouls, spirits and other paranormal activity? If so, a PhD research study in Parapsychology may be where you’d like to take your education next. You’ll have the opportunity to conduct research into paranormal history, the reasons and legitimacy behind paranormal reports, the psychology of magic and the paranormal – and more!

Paranormal Activity

If you’re the
funny friend…

Stand-Up Comedy at University of Kent

As part of your BA Drama and Theatre degree at the University of Kent, you can choose to study the Stand Up Comedy module, and learn all about comic theory, traditions of stand-up, and historical context. You’ll then generate your own original material and develop performance skills, so you’re ready to make your mark in the world of stand-up comedy.

If you’re the funny friend…

The behind-the-scenes
of surfing

FdSc Surf Science at Cornwall College (a University of Plymouth Partner College)

For those who feel destined to live by the beach, or those who already do and have a keen interest in surfing, this might be the course for you. Covering everything from the culture and science of surfing, to media and the impact on coastal environments, it can be a first step towards a surfing career – but bear in mind that they won’t actually teach you to surf!

The behind-the-scenes of surfing

How to talk
to animals 101

BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour and Psychology at University of Chester

Ever wished you could communicate with animals? Well, this Animal Behaviour and Psychology course might be the answer! With claims like ‘cockroaches have personalities’, it certainly seems like you’ll be learning a lot about animals in their natural habitat, plus ecology, conservation and animal welfare – with the option to complete a work placement overseas, too.

How to talk to animals 101

From lakes
to tree-tops

BA (Hons) Outdoor and Adventure Education at University of Chichester

Covering the more practical side of performance in activities like climbing, surfing, canoeing, kayaking, scuba diving and even forest schools, plus the option to specialise in coaching or teaching, this degree prepares you for a life filled with adventure. You’ll learn about the physiological affects and the extreme environments of these activities, and have the option to study abroad for one year.

From lakes to tree-tops

Taking baking to
the next level

BSc (Hons) Baking Science and Technology at London South Bank University

We’re pretty good at following a recipe here at Sanctuary Students, but Baking Science and Technology might be a little beyond our remit. From chocolate and confectionery to bread and pastries – with food safety and baking chemistry modules too – this course provides you with all the skills you need to prepare you for a career in bakery production.

Taking baking to the next level

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