10 amazing things, you can buy for £1 or less!

11th July 2017
You can buy many amazing things for £1, including booking your Sanctuary Students room.

Never under estimate the power of the pound! We surfed the Internet, mooched around budget shops and chatted to some students, to bring you something fun or practical for £1 or less.

  1. Bottle opener keyring. Note to self: opening beer bottles with your teeth is bad! We’ve all tried it, but spare your teeth and always have a handy bottle opener on your keyring.
  2. Print photos. Print off those precious selfies with friends, family and pets and fill photo albums or pin boards. Visit sites like Snapfish where you can currently buy ten prints for just under £1!
  3. Travel somewhere new. If you can’t afford Ibiza this summer, then a UK road trip is a great budget vacation alternative. Megabus seats start at an incredible £1. You’ll have to be flexible and plan in advance, but it’s hard to beat £1 for travel.
  4. Inflatable novelty party accessories. Inflatables are always fun for a party, decorating your room and even as a costume accessory. Pick up a great selection of inflatables, including everything from parrots and flamingos to giraffes and guitars, from 99p at Amazon.
  5. DIY facemask. This homemade mask for glowing skin is made up of just three ingredients. Mix half of a mashed-up banana, a tablespoon of orange juice and honey. Apply the mixture to the face and leave on for 15 minutes, rinse and then moisturise. More recipes on Pinterest.
  6. A song from iTunes. Download that guilty (not guilty) pleasure song you’re ashamed to like. There’s also plenty of free music available from streaming sites like Spotify or Deezer.
  7. Watch a TV show as a member of an audience. It's a fun experience and absolutely free. You can find tickets at BBC for everything from Strictly Come Dancing to the BBC Proms.
  8. Washing soda crystals. Does cooking mean burnt pots? Not only is washing soda an all-round cleaning product, it can help you conquer that burnt-on food in pans. You’ll save on those fancy cleaning brands that do the same thing and it's environmentally friendly too. Available from most supermarkets.
  9. Disposable camera. Or an alarm clock, or batteries or 100 Tetley's tea bags - just some of the items available at Poundland, the shop where everything costs £1. Poundland has more than 200 stores across the UK, so there’s bound to be one near you.
  10. Book your university room. We’re not kidding! Sanctuary Students direct-let rooms cost just £1 to secure*! We’ve even been shortlisted for Best Booking Experience by the National Student Housing Awards, because it’s so simple to book online and there are no deposits to pay! Take a peek at Moor Lane Halls in Preston close to UCLan, with double beds and en-suite bathrooms, or a shared flat in Marybone 1 near to Liverpool’s universities. 

*£1 is advance rent and will be deducted from your total rent amount.

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