Ways to pay

New students

You’ve chosen to live with us next year and we can’t wait for you to arrive! Before you move in with us, you’ll need to set up your Recurring Card Payment to pay your rent via our online system.

You’ll also need to pay your booking fee online too.

International students

International students can pay their rent and any other charges in their local currency without worrying about exchange rates or bank charges using the link below:


Your family or sponsors can also use our international bank transfer system to make payments for you.

Making a payment in your local currency is quick and easy:

  1. Enter the amount you would like to pay in English pounds.
  2. Enter your student ID, your contact details and the details of the person paying.
  3. You will then be supplied with a quote which tells you the amount the payment will cost in your local currency. The quote is guaranteed for 72 hours.
  4. You’ll then need to contact your bank (online, face-to-face or by phone) to transfer the funds in your local currency to Western Union Business Solutions, using the details included in the quote, who will then forward the payment to us in GBP (£).

This payment method offer competitive exchange rates and is free to use for international students.

Current students

Current students can use their existing details to login to our online system. You’ll be able to view your previous and upcoming transactions under the My Transactions section.

You can select to pay any charges that have been added to your account or any outstanding rent instalments.