Student life

What NOT to pack when you move to student accommodation

Before packing your bags to venture out into the world of university, it’s important to consider what you are and aren’t going to take with you to uni. We have compiled a handy guide of items that you should definitely be putting in the ‘no’ pile.

New Year's resolutions for students in 2016

The New Year is here! Have you thought about all the changes you’d like to make in 2016 yet? We’ve put together some resolutions for our students to try and keep. Why not give them a go?

Five interesting things about Manchester

As well as being the UK’s third largest city, Manchester has some very interesting and possibly unknown features to it! We’ve put together five fascinating facts for students living in the area that you might not know.

Top tips to settle your nerves on your first day at university

So you’ve got settled into your new flat and now it’s time for your first day of studies! Are you feeling anxious? Is the thought of your first day at university a daunting one? Check out our tips to settle those nerves so you can start enjoying your new student life to the max.