Student health

The Student Health category covers many of the well-being topics necessary to help you adjust to living away from home. Those will include physical health, food and nutrition, eating properly, missing home, adjusting to living with others, how to make friends and influence people, and all the many topics that come under health.

Your student years are amazing and we want you to be in a position to enjoy them to the max. Being mentally and physically healthy can help with that.

Staying safe on a night out

Amidst the recent concerning headlines, our latest blog looks at the main symptoms of spiking, and also what to do if you think you or a friend are a risk on a night out.

Managing your wellbeing during self-isolation

We all know that during this unprecedented time we need to stay at home and only venture out for one hour per day for food supplies, medication or exercise. Not leaving your student accommodation much can be really upsetting and a little overwhelming especially if you are away from friends and family.

Tackling loneliness at University

Loneliness is a common occurrence that can affect anybody. A study by the Co-op and the British Red Cross found that over nine million people living in the UK are either always or often lonely. This article suggests some ways to tackle loneliness so that you can enjoy university.

Student health: staying happy and healthy at uni

Life at uni is an amazing experience but we can all feel a little stressed or low at times. Check out our top tips for practical ways to help you and your fellow students stay happy and healthy at uni.