Best Universities

Want to know the best university for law? Want to study medicine or history and want to know where to go? Need an idea of where a particular university is based or looking for a fact checker for all the marketing information you see?

This is where you can find help.

Best Universities in London

If there’s one thing London is never short on, it’s choice. Whether that’s the type of cuisine you want for dinner, the style of play you want to watch in one of the hundreds of theatres or where you go to study.

The 10 Top Universities in the UK for Medicine

Medicine is one of the oldest professions and is one of those that is still developing many hundreds of years after the formalisation of the subject. Medicine is the foundation for most professions within health fields and is exceptionally popular.

The 10 Best Universities for Geography

Geography is a very popular subject relevant to more careers than we probably realise. So, it’s a great subject to study if you’re interested in how the world works and how we impact the planet around us.

The 10 Top Universities in the UK for Psychology

Psychology is a subject that is taking on more and more importance in the modern world. An increased awareness of mental health, trauma, stress and wellness means society is more conscious of our psychological needs than ever before.

Best Universities in Liverpool

Liverpool is an amazing city to be a student and boasts five universities. It’s a city famous for many reasons, not least of which is the quality and variety of the educational opportunities.

The 10 Best Law Schools in the United Kingdom

Law is one of those subjects that can be studied to become a lawyer but is also relevant to many other types of careers. Whether you study pure law or mix it with other subjects, if you’re a law graduate, your employment prospects are assured.

10 Best Universities for Business Management

Business Management degrees are one of the most wide-ranging around. Not only do courses cover a lot of ground, the degree can be applied in almost any business setting imaginable.